hi mom and dad!

ImageAlright y’all, it’s happening and lucky you get to indulge in my life’s odd, exciting, hilarious happenings along side me.

You are either:
-my mom and dad: wanting to know what antics I’m getting into half way across the country, hoping I’m not shaming the family name
-a high school friend: thinkin, ” damn kid cuddle, we get it-it’s not hot as balls in Cali!” Or “thanks for providing something to do while I pretend to work hard at my job”
-a work friend: thinking, maybe I should apply for grad school. Looks easier than my job and are reading this in the teachers lounge while discussing, “What Ms. Cuddle actually did when she worked here anyway. Student ops???”
-a college friend: living vicariously through your friend who GOT TO GO BACK TO COLLEGE! #hornedfrogs4lyfe (I promise).
-my mom or dad(they are on here twice because they may actually be the only people reading this…hi y’all!

Whoever you are, I look forward to sharing my life’s happening with you as I dive in both feet to the shark invested, sparkling, much cooler(both literally and figuratively) waters of the west coast. Hopefully it’s everything we dreamed of! California here I come!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. and me! hope the first 24 hours have gone well!

  2. Aunt Sandy says:

    I love you Anna. It could also be the hopeless Aunt that lives vicariously through you AND your family. You just make us all smile and we delight in each and every thing that you do. Almost …
    Go Get’em Texas!

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