Everything is bigger in TEXAS

IMG_4857Move in madness has kind of begun and I say kind of mostly because I got here with 2 bags yesterday. These bags were full of random shiz that didn’t fit in my car a.k.a. my raincoat, which I will never need in LA and a blue dress and wedges because you never know who you’ll meet on a plane and what you’re getting into later. Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for my 1st night in LALALand.

I met my amazing roomies (more on them later) and was shown to my room at the back of our shot gun style house, which apparently is only a southern term based on the looks I got from my roommates when I said that.

Also, I’m not sure if it is actually a bedroom. Based on size, I would say it was meant to be more of a dogroom (one of those small rooms that weird dog people have instead of using a crate, because, you know, using a cage for an animal would be cruel…check it http://pinterest.com/pawshmagazine/ #theybecrazy).

So basically, my Great Dainex3 sized self is meant to fit all of my stuff into my dogroom…we will see about that y’all. All I have to say about that is Texas is about to explode all over this house hold and I am excited and ready to make it happen.

If room size proves anything, it is true, EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.


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