New bestie: FOUND

This post involves my two favorite men.

My dad was being a glorious buider of all things Ikea so that my dog room looked more like a person room and while doing so seemed to have locked himself out. Who knew that the door was locked from the inside…not me and definitely not Big Al.

Well since Jer Bear my landlord wasn’t available we called up Mr. Zapata. To be stereotypical, after my chat on the phone with him, I thought a tatted up, cholo was going to show up.


But instead, I was pleasantly surprised by this babe. I mean how could you not love him..THAT HAT IS AMAZING.

Anyways he fixed my door in under 2 mins and told me to call if  I need anything. Anything? Ok, you said it. This will be my next call:

“Hey Mr. Zappata, it’s Kid Cuddle, wanna be my friend? I was wondering if you wanna go grab a

beer? ”



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