Cuddle YOU so hard

So, I think that if I weren’t coming out here to be a social worker and a career as a tour guide in the Greek islands didn’t work out and I didn’t make it as a travel agent then I would tots be an interior designer and even if it is number 4 on my career path choices, I do think that I would be pretty successful.

In the hunt to make my 36th street feel like home I have (with the help of Dooly’s pocket book) been able to use my interior design skills to buy throw pillows for our very large, awesome sofa, that I am currently using as a bed (more on that later).  Dooly bought some very school/normal person aprops Crate and Barrel pillows which was so nice of her and truly brightened up on once dark brown and gray decorated living room-no offense Jer Bear. 


I on the other hand have gone back in and bought myself this 

“I would cuddle you so hard” pillow…I mean, my name is Kid CUDDLE…and I think it’s very fitting for my personaluty: caring, colorful and a little aggresive (in a good way of course.)

So, to all of my friends and family (again, just you mom and dad), know that if you come to Cali I WILL cuddle you so hard. See ya soon, right?!?


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