Comedies for Hopless Romantics with a Strong Female Lead

Read this, then we will talk…

ImageSo, I was reading this article, about being a twenty something and was feeling inspired, empowered and everything that articles like that want you to feel so that you share them on facebook and was feeling pretty great feeling like, DAMN…I’ve got this 20s thing figured out, I’m so impressive. 

Then I got to  question number 3…”What are my favorite stories? And read on to learned that the stories the I love most are supposed to parrell my life and my values.

This is a great concept, so I thought, favorite stories? Ok, that’s easy: You’ve Got Mail, The Wedding Planner, and Sixteen Candles.

And then I discovered that Netflix really knows me too well and truly has me pegged, Comedies Hopeless Romantics with a Strong Female Lead….yee gots…whoever marrys me is a lucky one, he better be funny, send lots of flowers and love opinions. #mrright

Needless to say, school needs to start a.s.a.p. because all this netflix watching and article reading has got me doing more psycho analyzing of myself than any social work class will!  


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