Villain’s Tavern

ImageThese guys weren’t there BUTTT they probs would have fit in at Villian’s Tavern. We hit the town for the 1st time last night and it was quite the adventure and even better quite the crowd. We  walked into the bar and began to meet our own characters. We started with the learch of a doorman who told us that he used to work at the Tavern’s sister bar, which is more a brothal of sorts according to him.

Than we picked our poison(vodka soda extra lime-DUH) and I’m pretty sure that the bartendar was Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend. Her skin was legit translucent and her hair was white as snow. She didn’t have the creepy high pitched voice that would have fit her so well, but for imaginations sake, when you picture her-imagine that she does.

Then we strolled on over to the back corner to enjoy our spot on the wall and we met Joseph, he was out night and shining armor of sorts. He was a bouncer and set us up with a great table, nice instagram shot (which he picked the filter for, of course) and introduced us to our new besties the band who was playing. Image

So Joseph, aka Joeyyy introduced us the band-I wish I could remember the name so taht I could give them a plug but woops…I can’t. I do know that after talking to Gabe, the trumpet player about his last name SomethingStien and how he is a member of the Jew Crew he explained to me that they were all Jewish minus the drummer(who was from TEXAS YALL!) and they thought about naming their band Jew2.

That play on U2 seemed clever but there were just so many things there that were making me realize I wasn’t in Texas anymore and more more like I should choose to partake in more poision consumption.

Then we met Ronlando, a hispanic man from San Antoino, Texas (which of course I squealed with joy at) who worked for UPS. No, Bowinkle, my roomie, asked him and he doesn’t wear one of those little brown outfits to work. I didn’t say it at the time BUT i definitely thought, “hmm that would probs be a better choice than the hooded black and white stripped t-shirt you are wearing now.”

Rolando bought us a round and then we left the villian’s tavern to head home to a fantastic late night snack of count em, 2 bags of popcorn.

I’m just going to say it, I LOVED meeting this villain’s and even though it would have been a thrill to meet Morgana, Somethingstien and Rolanado made for quite the night and resulted in this Glamor shot this morning…. you are so welcome for that. IMG_4978


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