No Banana Left Behind

After meeting with a financial advisor back in Houston and having heart palpitations on the reg about taking out loans, I have become very frugal.


This new life includes not letting food go bad and eating things like half a can on black beans with cheese sprinkled on it for dinner.

So in an effort to leave no bananas behind, I decided I would take on chocolate chip banana bread. This was no Betty Crocker box mix(which I don’t actually think they have for banana bread) I did it from scratch y’all.

So I put on my baking attire:grabbed a glass of wine and got to it. I mean it’s really important to be comfortable and corny sexy while cooking. (Shout out to you LG for inspiring this look!)

After 2 trips to Smart and Final (our terribly ghetto grocery) to get the essentials that I forgot the 1st time around…like flour and a measuring cup, the end result was actually quite delicious:Image

And even though I am still not quite sure what a “hollaback girl” is ( I am sure that this SHHHH is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

P.S. Gwen not only do I want to thank you for No Doubt, I want to thank you most for finally teaching me how to spell bananas. #dyslexiaproblems.


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