Fight On Y’all!

Fight On Y'all!

Monday was my first day of Community Immersion Week, this is a time in which we get to know the communities we will be working in and getting to know our Policy teachers.

So, Lorie and I set out to this new adventure together, because we are actually in the same policy class, with the mission of making a total of 5 new friends.  We got there and quickly grabbed our name tags. They got my name tag correct, because let’s be real “Anna” is hard to get wrong, but her’s was a little incorrect. Her name tag said her Vietnamese name, “Dung.” She quickly changed this with a resounding, “It’s Lorie Bitch.” 1st thought: you are awesome. 2nd thought, no can say Brittany Spears didn’t ever say anything great. 3rd thought, my roommate is the most badass Asian around!

Before the actual immersion took place we had speakers who introduced us to the school, showered us with inspirational knowledge, and taught us how to do the USC “Fight On!” chant. Then Paul Maiden, Vice Dean of Student Affairs, got on the stage and this man knew how to smile and sell it. Guess where he was from y’all…. TEXAS!!! And he proceeded to strut his stuff on the stage and explain to everyone that these boots(seen above) were from LEDDY’S in Fort Worth, Texas!

Needless to say, before good ole’ Paul went on stage we had only made 2 friends….who were interesting, but not as cool as Paul. So, after the speakers were done I took it upon myself to go make this fellow texas, my friend. Dean, smean, he’s not intimidating because we come from the same blood!

He let me take a pic of his boots and now we have been emailing back and forth about my experience  in social work so far and how I can get a pair of boots like his. We have a meeting next week to talk about internships and my future.

Even though I only came home with 4/5 new friend goal met, I would say I’m hitting it big with Paul on my side. Quality over quantity, y’all.

P.S. Mom and Dad/Santa my christmas list just grew:

1)New Bike(but really)

2) USC custom boots


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  1. Aunt Sandy says:

    I love you Anna! Keep up the good FUN!!

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