Smells like Rodeo (not Ro-day-O)

ImageI truly let my Texas flag fly today (which I didn’t know until moving that we are the only state that flys our flag at the same height as the US flag. You are welcome for that knownledge nugget) when I said, “Wow y’all, it smells like the rodeo!”

Turns out, most people don’t know what the rodeo smells like or even is. They actually even so so far as to say it wrong, it’s not Ro-Day-O y’all.

Anyway, Rodeo smells like: funnel cakes, corn dogs and animals.

In califorina, more specifically South Central, LA, this smell was coming from the marketplace where most South Central peeps buy food, cakes and community.

I thought about this and I think that this “Rodeo Smell” may even just be a Houston thing because we have such a profound joy of the Rodeo.

You Dallas folk may think, “Smells like the State Fair!” when you smell that smell-same excitement and feeling!

Either way, proclaiming, “Smells like the Rodeo!” got a ton of giggles from my group and maybe the loss of a little street cred…damnit!

I guess now I have to tell them that story about how I crip walked with the TCU football players at a party once…in case you want to be as good of a white girl trying dancer as me, check it out:

Street cred, officially gained back.


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