I must have been an avid Blue Clues fan or something as a young age because I truly believe that mail is god’s gift to earth. Mail is one of my top 5 favorite things and today my good friend, Jizzy, potentially made it sky rocket to number one with an incredible house warming, note of encouragement. 

ImageWhy mail is great: it’s usually a surprise, it means someone is thinking about you, sometimes you get little poems in them, you rarely get “hate mail” (unless you’re Justin Beiber or OJ simpson or someone equally terrible) and it’s a little piece of love you can hang on the fridge. 

Anyway, friends who have sent your love out here, THANK YOU! Your words have kept me from getting homesick and kept me moving forward. Friends that haven’t sent me anything, GET IT TOGETHER (just kidding, but really). 

love you all, can’t wait to send and receive LOTS of postcards!


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