Parlez-vous Francis? QUI!!

The weekend started off right with the decision to hit the ground drinking running at an early 4:30pm after a long week of being immersed into the community and getting assigned my 1st grad school paper (woof).

So we headed to Barca a well known(in the USC community) wine bar that has a solid happy hour (which doesn’t exist on friday-woops). After a pitcher of sangria and a beautiful fake mustache drawn on Bowinkle’s finger, we were ready to go out and make friends.

IMG_5069We got all done up and were ready to mix(vodka and soda) and mingle with truly anyone who would talk to us, especially if that convo was accompanied by free drinks.

We started off right by making friend with the attendant in the bathroom, she was a bodacious black lady who was ready to serve up some burberry purfume and mints with a side of sass. Then moved right on in to the bartender who was kind enough to mix us up the “special.” In my head this friendship would lend it’s self to less expensive drinks, but as the bellydancer/stripper on top of the bar began to do her thing I figured out that no friendship or special would save my bank account at this joint.

We knew it was time to take a break from snap chatting videos of the belly dancer/stripper and put our thinking caps on. SomethingStien(refer to The Villian Post) from last weekend was texting about hanging out and Jew2 seemed to be our next best option for actual friendship. We quickly snagged free drinks and an offer to take a joy ride on a party bus from a bachelor party and made a quick get away to find our destiny of a beautiful rooftop bar with Jew2.

After a walk through the shady streets of downtown LA, Bowinkle’s accusation of a bike cop being “too scrawny” to give tickets and a long line, we made it into The Perch only to find ourselves waiting in line for ANOTHER elevator to get to the rooftop. This wasn’t going to happen so we approached Joey, (not sure if that’s his name but from now on all bouncers will be name JOEYYYY-in a new jersey accent) and convinced him after snapping some pics that he should let us up in front of the other people.

We then began to make friends with all the people in this pic, IMG_5071who we actually aren’t friends with at all. We only truly know SomethingStien and he bandmate (refered to now as Jew2, because we don’t know his actual name), but this picture makes it look as though we have a solid group, so it may be a living room framer.

We separated to our different “friends” and I began babbling the few words I know speaking french with these travelers who wanted to know everything about LA from a local. If you consider someone who has lived here for less than a month a local, I am your girl, because Friday night suggestions were flowing out of my mouth, in french none the less. LA is making me so multicultural.

The night ended with a trip to a burrito cart, a jew complaining about the loss of 2 dollars(shocking, I know), and a very angry cab driver who refused to let us speak to him-RUDE.

I will say that our friend making was a success. I am receiving texts in french on the reg, we have beach going plans with Jew2 and SomethingStien next weekend and JOEYYY invited us back to The Perch anytime….see ya on the rooftop again soon. #rooftoproomiesIMG_5074


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