Ida + Winston

Ida + Winston

Blogosphere, meet LA’s hottest new couple Ida and Winston. They have only been together for about 30 mins now, but seem to be doing great. Even though they are star-crossed lovers, because Ida is a Schwinn and Winstin is an Urban they found love in a hopeless place(an LA used bike store).

Winston is owned by Bowinkle and was named by her boyfriend, Tatertot, who said, “I guess it’s fine for you to ride another guy, but only if his name is Winston.”

idaIda is mine and I have to give a shout out to LG for being bored at work and quick on the draw for name suggestions. I knew Ida needed to be a TCU babe because she is purple and white and LG had just the idea to name her after our delta mothership(founder) Sarah Ida Shaw and our fav place ever Mt. Ida (where camp ozark is located).

Ida and Winston will be residing in our shed, but will be ridden daily and very loved. They will help prevent us from getting shot, mugged and cat-called during our travel time to and from USC.

I look forward to sharing our adventures with all of you. I<3W. #GetMeToTheGhetto


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