Team Got Body Hotties

Team Got Body Hotties

The Polish Princess was approached on her way home from school last week by a large man named Troy. Usually this is something we try to avoid in the ghetto, being apporached, but PP seemed to take an interest in Troy. Some would say she was buying what he was selling.
No, not drugs. A healthy living style.
Troy handed PP a flyer for Fit Club. PP brought it home after she was told it was a great core and butt workout and “the ladies love it!” So Fit Club, or Fit camp(this makes it sound more fun) as it is called at the CALE Haus was officially put on the family calendar.
So yesterday we headed to Fit Camp and logged into “,” which is what Troy, Treyvon and Brian, our coaches, call the core work out time and by the time we logged out I was exhausted.

We were the only white girls in attendance, other than this babe who was working out for a hour before and all members of the CALE haus noticed the incredible legs she had attached to her body. All the other women in attendance were so proud of what they were working wit.

Hipster Skipper, I even found my body twin. She was rocking a tight crop top and american flag booty shorts. Though her complexion is a bit darker than mine and her self confidence in our work out attire is much higher, I was happy that I found her. Maybe by the end of Fit Camp I will be rocking that too.

Troy, Treyvon and Brian even huddled up with the CALE Haus members afterwards and told us we were officially Team Got Body Hotties. I feel honored.

See ya next week gentlemen.

***Please note my glorious jumping jack form(top left) in this picstich made by Coach Brian and PP and Bowinkle’s sassy stances waiting for their turns to lunge(bottom right).


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