“And if I can’t buy it, Imma gunna steal it.”

To be completely transparent, I have never been in a situation where I had to use a carton as a vase. If I wanted a new vase or new anything- I would buy it. As my friend Keka would say, “And if I can’t buy it, Imma gunna steal it.”
These days my bank account is looking a little slim, but I figure it’s time to look on the bright side and figure out the more important things, the beautiful things in real life-not just those Antro dresses that pop up in my spam emails.
So, we had wonderful(free) flowers from the lor and no vases and I was feeling a little vitamin C deficient. Perfect solution=OJ carton vase. Silver lining y’all.

As far as Anthro goes though, you better watch out because The Grove isn’t that far away and I have a wedding I would like a new dress for in a couple of weeks…If I can’t buy it…I may just steal it.


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