Plumbing Probs Got Nothin on Penn

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.51.15 PMLast night while I was teaching the Polish Princess how to lean like a Cholo, in the spirit of me going to meet a friend for dinner at El Cholo the restaurant, dinner disaster stuck. As I leaned side to side. out of the corner of my eye. I saw an alarming sight, the sink seemed to be overwhelmingly full of orange water. We called Mr. Penn(an OLD, black man with a killer limp) Jer Bear’s go to plumber and went on with our lives or so I thought.

I went on to a glorious dinner, with a wonderful friend, only to open a snap from Bowinkle on my way home that seemed as though we were in deep potato skin water doo doo. The snap video cut off right at “there is food in our…” I could only assume the worst. Then, I pulled up to our house only to find a U-haul in our driveway. I made a phone call to make sure I wasn’t about to get taken in a u-haul van (no Liam Neeson in the ghetto to save me) and Bowinkle made it clear it was just Mr. Penn’s van and to come in.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.51.49 PM

I came in to find Mr. Penn=Savior  at the sink, food in our showers and the perp sitting at the dinning room table very worried and newly informed that you can’t put potato skins down the drain.

Mr. Penn left pretty quickly after I got home, telling us he would be back in the morning and that we shouldn’t  shower. This was a problem because we all had internship today…BRAIDS IT IS!

The CALE Haus is high in beauty, but very deficient in braiding ability. Kid Cuddle to the rescue. Kid Cuddle’s Hair Salon opened promptly at 7:15 this morning with dry shampoo and multiple types of braids. Needless to say we pulled it together, literally (much to PP and Bowinkle’s tender head’s dismay) and were all out the door to internship on time.

Nothing can stop us, bring it on ghetto!!

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.51.36 PM


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