Roomies, Meet College Football. Tailgating, Meet Roomies.

ImageBeing from texas, I truly thought that everyone understood the importance of football. I believed that every college student had enjoyed a tailgate sausage wrap, every girl little girl had a college cheerleader outfit and everyone understood that there should be a section in your closet solely for game day attire. Apparently that isn’t the case.

My roommates, none of whom are from the south, had ever been to a college football game! When I heard this for the 1st time a piece of my soul died for them, but I knew we could change this.


We attended our first tailgate game together a few weekends back.

The day was book ended by some killer games of Cards Against Humanity(Thanks ZURD)and included LOTS of new friends.

We had a great walk to campus with a storm of Trojan fans, then met some strangers to play flip cup with and bowinkle took a ride on a renta cops segway, whose response to her taking a ride(which is illegal) was, “20 years ago I would have handcuffed you to something else…wink, wink.”Image

We made it into the game around half time, even thought we thought it was the beginning of the game and got to see the band.I will say, I am overwhelmingly impressed with the trojan fan base. I will always be a frog at heart but these people love them some trojans.

As we got sunburned at the game we decided 30 mins was good enough and headed to the on campus bar here at USC.

When we finally got inside after waiting in a LONG line, as I saw all the babies(21 year old frat rats), I was reminded that I was here for grad school and had to leave to rest up so i could write a 7 page paper on Sunday. WOOF.


I headed home and took a 2 hour nap to be woken up by the return of The Polish Princess,

her new semi, not really, Polish Prince of a boy friend and his TWENTY year old roomie. I couldn’t get past the fact that he couldn’t buy his own alcohol/I could have been his teacher, so after a round of Cards Against Humanity, a ton of popcorn and a couple of Mini-budlight (courtesy of the twenty year old’s fake ID) I returned back to my bed.

Needless to say, the day was a great time and I believe that these two Yankees are officially college football fans!

One more point for the good guys!


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