Framily Matters: Wedding edition.

ImageLast weekend, I was lucky enough to venture back to Texas to watch the beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Struble tie the knot. I will say they were a stunning bride and groom, the service was personal and beautiful, and the dance floor was hoppin with glow sticks and all! It was very girls dream wedding, literally topped off with a flower halo! 


The couple was truly meant to be and I am so happy that they have each other! Not to mention that because of their nuptials I got to see so many members of my Framily! 

I know I said it was every girls dream wedding and for most girls I know it was, but I forgot about the Pinterest loving hipsters out there(people, maybe including myself). Below you will see a glorious chart helping decipher if you are at a hipster wedding. I will say this, though it may be a while before I take the leap, expect a vintage postcard save the date, a beach/hill country wedding, a floral crown on my head and a very clever hashtag. 




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