Framily Matters.

Framily: Friends that become your family.

I am lucky enough to have an overwhelmingly large framily.

It started small gaining 2 strong members in elementary school (shout out to j-sauce and zurd):


then growing larger gaining a few more in middle school(shout out to the lost boys):


then gaining more in high school(wassup v-cult),Image

then in college my framily took it to the next level (delta love),Image

and even some coworkers slipped themselves into the framily(trailblazers for life.)

Though framily may seem like a strange concept, these are the people who get me through the day to day. The people who facetime me wearing only american flag shorts, like taking weekend visits to the twerk factory, send me mail(that I love), count hugs and give hugs when I need them most and share their lives with me as well!

Moving LA and away from the Fram was so hard, but I think the LA Framly is growing thanks to the CALE HAUS.



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