Started from the bottom now we’re here!

ImageBack in July, for the first time in my life, I became the owner of a car. Thank you to my dear sister, I inherited the Kia, now known to me as Kia Girl. Kia Girl and I had a rocky start, she was more of a rebound from a past long-time relationship with my blue gonzo of a lexus, but I knew we were about to make the venture out to Cali together so Kia Girl needed to grow on me.

So as a bonding trip, Kia Girl, Keka and I set out for Colorado at the end ofJune. Needless to say, it was a rough trip, Kia girl hit a bird, had a brush with the law, mid trip her windshield cracked and she gained some duct tape.

We made it through these issues and have truly bonded out here in Cali. We went to the DMV our first week here and though Kia Girl passed her smog check, I didn’t pass my drivers test.

**Before you make fun of this, which is understandable, know that test is freakin hard and I’d like to see any of you non-californians just miraculously know all the hippy laws of California.**

Anyways, I had to make a new appointment to take my test and Kia Girl still needed to pass inspection so I mad it for September 26 (aka today). Yesterday, pre test day, I decided that I was going to go with what my parents always said, “you look good, you do good,” so Kia Girl and I headed to Compton to get a new windshield and loose the duct tape. ** That’s KG on the Left.Image So I sat outside in the beautiful cali weather as Kia Girl got a new shine to her face. Also, while sitting there, I helped a 6 yr old mexican little boy do his “tarea,” was offered a whole pinnaple by a man who passed by and a women who I thought was uncovering her baby to show me in a stroller, tried to sell me the chicles and jugos she had under there. It was a great escapade to say the least.

Kia Girl was loooking good so I took her to the car wash and mid car wash a piece of her FLEW, projectile style, off. The car wash technician(didn’t know that was a job) ran over to me bringing me the piece and said, “What happened?!”

First thought: Tell the truth. “A fat lady sat on my car, bent the hood and that decorative piece couldn’t handle it?!” (this is what actually happened, ask my sister if you don’t believe me.

Second thought: Blame him. “YOU BROKE THE PRECIOUS KIA GIRL!!”

Third thought and what I actually said: “Oh yea, it’s okay. She’s taken a lot over the years, I’ll take that piece off your hands.”


Kia Girl and I went home, a little bent out of shape(literally), but ready to take on the test today and boy did we! Kia Girl passed the inspection, like a champ and I passed with flying colors (not really, I got 6 wrong and you fail if you miss 7 or more-but whose counting)! And the little Asian lady behind the counter said, “Congrats you’re a Cali girl now!”

KIA Girl, as Drake would say, we “started from the bottom now we’re here.” (if you don’t like bad words-don’t watch this…Drake has a potty mouth…sins y’all!)


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  1. With those fancy new plates, I say you call her The Bummer instead. Ooh, and now people can “bum” rides! And you can be a Cali surfer bum! OMG the possibilities are endless! ok done now.

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