A new dose of Reality (LA)

Coming from the bible belt I was truly unsure of what to think when I headed into church here for the first time. I was used to men and boots and jeans, usually sporting an Aggie ring and girls in cute sun dresses with cardi’s over them, everyone giveing strong hand shakes during the awkward, “turn to your neighbor and say hello,” part of the service and to sermons that included some sort of football or rebublican reference in them. 

Well, even though I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan (miley pre-twerking style), I was unprepared for the difference in church life here. 


Did y’all know Barney was based off of a character in the Bible?? Barnabus apparently knew what was up, so much that they named a happy, purple dino after him. This is one of the many random Church to Entertainment Industry connections I have learned since I started to go to church here in LA. 

Last night, I looked around and thought, there are more long haired boys and short hair girls in this one room than I have ever scene in my life; more combat boots on girls and skinny jeans on boys than most vogue magazines, and not an Aggie ring in the house. Reality LA, the name of my church, is a new dose of reality. 

Here’s the good news and what I have learned living here: 
1) The awkward, “turn to your neighbor and say hello,” part of the service is awkward anywhere. 

2) The people may look different, but they still live to love and serve (think Angelina and Brad and their millions of adopted babies). 

3) Community is important anywhere.

Even though my reality may be new and different, I always leave church feeling thankful for the opportunity to learn and live in such a new place. As Jizzy said all weekend when enjoying the beauty of California, “Thank you, GOD!”


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