The Selfie Revolution

ImageUrban dictionary defines “selfie” as: A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website.

This is not how I would define the word selfie, AT ALL. Never do I ever want a selfie downloaded onto any sort of social media(until now, of course. I figured I had to share if I was going to talk about it).

Urban dictionary defined this word back in 2010, when selfies were what are now referred to as mirror shots. (Pictures in the mirror trying to display your hot bod for someone else-eww.)

Selfies for me, as you can see above, are usually unattractive shots or moments of my life I want to share with other people(top left=pure boredom in LA traffic) or pics I send to my mom (bottom middle, asking if she approves of my makeup for a wedding). These are never sent as a object of desire for others, in fact, I know there is one in particular of me out there that could be used as a platypus mask-morgs thanks for keeping that in the vault.

The inspiration for this post comes from a client today who was referring to how a selfie got her in trouble in class, using Snap Chat of course. She was taking a selfie to send to her boyfriend who was 2 seats away-adolescent logic is an amazing thing. My guess is she was taking one that looked just like the bottom left(which was taken today right after she left my office).

I will tell you, I love selfies and even more, I love Snap Chat, an app that allows you to send pictures or videos that can’t be saved unless screen shotted (you screen shotting sons of bitches-you know who you are). Snap chat and selfies make me so happy, especially now that I’m in Cali and spend more time alone than I ever have(hence the selfie overload), because I can share my life with you and when I get your mid day cubical snap, you can share your day with me.

Here are some I had saved on my phone, that always brighten my day! You are welcome to those of you who never thought the world would see these and you are even more welcome to those of you who I kept our snaps/selfies just between us.


So let the selfie revolution live on!

Also, if you really have time, check out these famous photos that were reimagined as selfies…enjoy. **Link below**


One Comment Add yours

  1. Helen Vollmer says:

    OMG– have printed your selfies out so I can look at your sweet, funny face all day long!

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