Can Opener Culprit

Can Opener Culprit

I know most of you have seen this because it has been blowing up my Pinterest feed all day. And with that I want you to know that I agree with that too. Kindness is wonderful, but mischief at times can be so much more fun.
Last night the Polish Princess headed off to work with a can of soup and the can opener in hand. Most people would have poured the soup into a tupperware before hand but not PP, she just took the kitchen supplies with her….without telling any of her roomies!
Bowinkle and I finished a serious work out and came in to cook our dinners. Like most dinners at the CALE Haus, it involved a can of black beans.  Bowinkle began to cook only to find out there was no can opener to be found.
canopenerAfter ransacking the kitchen to have found a missing can of soup from PP’s shelve, we  figured out PP was the canopener culprit PP, we decided to pull a prank on her before she came home from work.

We began with plastic bugs in her bed(she hates bugs)and hiding her straightener and ended with a buggy dry erase drawing on the sliding door of her mirror.

Needless to say, PP has lost all can opener privledges. Lesson learned: Don’t get between me and my black beans girl.


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