A City for Strangers


As everyone knows and Lonely Planet(the travel book) will tell you LA is a city full of people but

unlike the South, no one really wants to talk to anyone else. A song that I have recently (re)fallin in love with is Grey or Blue by JayMay

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ-Yn9dZDD0). Partcially, I think this love may have something to do with the constant arugment in the Cuddle family if our eyes are Blue or Grey, but anyway, a lyric from this song is, “this city is for strangers like the sky is for the stars.” Ironically, this city is also for the stars, so I am taking it upon myself to meet some strangers and maybe some stars while I’m at it.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 9.41.15 AMI have decided to do so while seeing this city. Sister Cuddle gave me the New York Times, 36 Hours USA & Canada: West Coast book before I left. Not only is this book my favorite color and makes a great edition to the coffee table, it also has some great travel itineraries inside! So, I finally opened it up and realized I had been going to the recommended places without even knowing it, but also had so much to see. I took a highlighter to the book and began to highlight the things I had done and made it my mission to see this town the right way(according the NY Times anyway).

Yesterday, mid-midterm mental breakdown I decided to go study in Aline Barnsdall’s (oil heiress) backyard. She lived in Hollyhock House, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, built in 1919–1921 and it has beautiful backyard, as you can see in the pictures, with a farmers market at the base of the park. artpark

I met my goal of meeting 2 strangers. One a very good looking older man who sat next to me on an overlook. His name was George and he was reading scripts for “his chance to hit it big.” He has been in LA for 13 years and has been in 2 independent movies. He seemed so passionate about what he did but had no evidence for a life outside of his career. Note to self: don’t be like George. Being 42 and alone sounds like a terrible plan.

strawberriesMy next stranger was Armando, he is the man pictured in the farmers market. He sells his fruits while jamming out to Prince Royce everyday. What a jolly soul. He gave me my strawberries for free and shared with me that I had a “beautiful body for a white woman.” AKA, I’m shaped like a latina. Sorry Armando, I the only thing I’m buying that your selling is your fruits and veggies…I’m not loooking for your nuts.

Anyways, it was a good day at the park: 2 less strangers in this city and another place highlighted in the book. artpark view


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  1. YAY for being a tourist! Can’t wait to come visit in a few weeks and do stuff like this with you. (Am also pumped that you’re actually using the purple guide book..maybe Mama and I have rubbed off on you after all!)

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