Stranger no Danger

Stranger No Danger! Speaking of strangers, what this NY photographer is doing is not only beautiful, but is making people so happy. He is right too, I learned about how building small connections with people actually has an affect on the neurons in both parties brains.

Something else I learned, because I’m a dedicated, educated graduate student, is that when you are pouring negative shows, visuals, stories into your mind then  you experience vicarious trauma.

Vicarious trauma is the stress reaction that gets to you from learning about something/someone else’s trauma. It’s kinds like being a hypochondriac-which I am and it mostly happens to therapists-which I will be…great.

Basically, I if I watch SVU, which I wouldn’t because it’s terrifying, but if I did and someone gets raped it could cause me to have bad dreams that I am going to get raped(because I live in South Central). This is vicarious trauma. This totally happens to me and is one of the main reasons for burn out in the helping professions (sad face emojji).

A way to get around this is to pour happy thoughts/images into your brain. This photographer above has done a fabulous job of bringing strangers together and making them happy. The way I learned about this video is in my daily email. It is a wonderful website/daily email that will prevent me from my burnout.

Subscribe now y’all, because I know you all watch way too much SVU.


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