the number one reason I’m glad halloween is gone

is this commercial never airing again.

For some reason I have recently been more up to date on my tv watching than ever before. Something that we loaning claiming, canned bean eating grad students aren’t willing to pay money for is dvr. With that said, that means these days I have been watching ALL the commercials that have been playing. I am usually a commercial lover, those of you who know me know this because I have made you watch the mark potter google commercial or know I cry most extra gum or gatorade commercials, so I’m not your typical commercial hater.

I can’t say this is a bad commercial, it’s entertaining and most importantly, i remember the fact that it is a verizon commercial which means the commerial is actually doing what it is supposed to do…make me aware of the product they are selling.
I can say, that after 247,028,457 views I am so sick of this little tricker treating fam, I don’t want a new phone and I am ready for all the christmas commercials!


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