Thought Bombs

ImageDue to the excessive amount of traffic I sit in both on my way to work and on my way home I have a lot of time in the car. Unlike in Texas, I can’t use this time to call my loved ones because of the dumb california law of not using your cell phone while driving. So, I have started listening to books while I drive. I have listened to Lean In (all women everywhere-listen/ready this book) and Blink so far and am now about half way through David Sedaris’ Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls.¬†

Today my road trip buddy David was reading about his journal and how it is a daily record of his life. His hilarious take on what he wrote about reminded me of this blog and how I randomly write down my “thought bombs,” as he calls them, on post-it notes all over my office with the intention to write about them on here. These post-its currently include:


  • The best way to dry your hair:hang your head out the window on the way to work and show up looking like labradoodle
  • What I have on the floor board of my car: what it says about me(currently Its a bag of1/2 eaten Dorritos, my cali license plates I have yet to put on and a bible-don’t judge me, pray for me).
  • it’s not mean if it’s true: the life of a blunt, white girl


I know you are dying in anticipation to read all those, but for today, a journal about journaling…so anyway…

ImageJournaling for me was insipired in 1999 by the book Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. I have never really been a reader, but that book was one of the first books I could relate to. I’m sure much to my parents dismay because they probs didn’t want me, at age 11, mixed up with boys named Angus, wearing thongs or taking part in any full frontal snogging. Anywho, Georgia Nicolson’s confessions, insprired me to journal, just like her.

Now, like my buddy David, I am journaling, but with you all as intended readers. A weird type of journaling that shares my life with the blogosphere with little regard to privacy. This I am fine with, I mean I would say you are all lucky to know about my baby days, selfie taking habits and everyday life as a california girl.

you. are. welcome.


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