Life is Better Outside

Life is Better Outside

You say you are tired, hungover perhaps? Sorry, life’s tough get a helmet, to quote Eric from boy meets world, get on that bike and get your butt outside.

IMG_6290I feel like I have a highschool style romance with this city, everytime we break up or have a fight, I wake up the next day and it wins me over again.
For example:
The break-up: I drive home from work and I’m miserable in traffic and I’m only looking at the cars around me and think, that’s it, get me back to my own traffic in Houston.
The resolution or the hypothetical love note that was passed to me in the North building at Lamar: Waking up here every morning and thinking “it’s a beautiful day, I need to do something outside.” aka hello ocean and mountains in the same place.

LA and I have this rollar coaster daily: Wow, sunset yoga on the beach. BOO, South Central.IMG_6110

The fact of the matter is, just like I was in high school, I am willing to try and make this work. LA, your love notes are just so well-written and you have me convinced. Life is better outside.

***Pictures or the love notes: Venice Canals, Views from Santa Monica Pier, Franklin Canyon, Griffith Park, Malibu IMG_5843





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