3 o’clock means 5 o’clock somewhere

ImageUsually when you hear, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” you also hear the splashs of a stress relieveing, statisfying, cold alcoholic beverage being poured into a glass and the voice of Jimmy Buffet jamming out in the distance. The thing about being 2 hours behind most of the peopleyou love means that at 5 o’clock for them, when they are rejoicing and cheers-ing to it almost being the weekend, I still have 2 hours of client meetings before that can happen. Also, as exactly 3 o’clock, I have a significantly less amount of people to talk to on gchat, come on allyou clock watchers, don’t you want to hang around a little longer to chat with yours truly? 

The one good thing is, all my gchatting buddies, are quick to get in their cars at 5 o’clock(3 o’clock my time ) and then proceed entertain me at least for tThe next 30 mins via their snap chats of traffic boredom. 

Truly, what did people do before technology? Actually work or something? 


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