nerd herd wannabe

When I moved to LA I knew that I was moving to a place that revolved around the film industry, but I had no idea that the majority of the people who I would meet would have a profound knowledge of every little thing that had to do with anything film related too.On Friday night this was very apparent when I went to see a dear friend and his improv group perform.

As always as the show ended my face hurt from smiling so much and I was thankful for the ab work out I received from an hour full of true belly laughs. I was lucky enough to have an “in” and was able to hang out afterwards with the improv people. These are the types of people who can pull off Nintendo 64 shirts and large brim hats at night-time and will take anything you say and make it hilarious.

ImageWhile I was standing there in my  anthro/madewell/nordstroms combo of an outfit and tom’s booties(a pinnable outfit, one might say) I was all of a sudden surrounded by 2 great people wearing mickey mouse sweaters, please note they were both in the 25-30 age range. Their mickey mouse sweaters fit their happy-go-lucky, joyous personalities. We were having a great convo and then it happened.

Mickey mouse #1 said something apparently hilarously ironic about the Ninja turtles. Mickey Mouse #2 giggled and both looked at me for my response.

I had nothing.

I had no response because I didn’t know what he was talking about AT ALL. Mickey Mouse #1 then said, “It’s cool, I’m nerdy.” Mickey Mouse #2 followed up with, “I’m SOOO nerdy,” they both looked at me again.

I had nothing. I am not nerdy.

I’m really not, I think the resounding example of this was being in a sorority. Think, revenge of the nerds. I have been called a lot of my things in my day, but nerdy has never been one of them. This is not to say that I am a self-proclaimed “it girl” either. I am just not overly intellectual about ANY subject other than maybe having convos with strangers. This leaves me to be the exact opposite of my good friend Wiki’s definition of nerdy.

Even as I am writing this, I am thinking about how I hope this doesn’t offend anyone who is a proud member of the nerd herd. Mostly because I have wanted to be a member of the nerd herd for years, think swim team, IB art class, befriending as many Neely fellows as possible, attending as much improv as possible, but I haven’t found my way in yet. Maybe  Mickey Mouse #1 and #2 will be my true friends and I can be converterd-let’s hope so. See you at the improv nerds.


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