Ratfink, Little bit and Precious take on LA

So, I thought I should fill all you fools in on 25 as of yet. So far, so good, kinda…

I started off with a 24 hour bug, hense why all of you amazing friends who called and texted me didn’t receive a phone call back until Monday. Instead of hugging a new shiny car, my brand new pony(which would be a terrible gift because I’m afraid of horses) or my loved ones I awoke to bring in 25 by hugging the porcelain thrown. When Bowinkle ran into my room to greet me for the day she was welcomed by a not so jolly kidcuddle, but as she said, at least I had a valid reason to skip my classes right? 

ImageWith a day full of gatorade, Saltine crackers, being flooded with gifts in the mail(thanks again y’all) and some solid Kardashian watching I was ready to take on Wendy Nail(our go to nail salon) and the tradition of a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, with a clown on top of course, I was ready for a night out on the town with Rat Fink and Little Bit. 



Ratfink(my sister) and Little Bit(my brother in law) landed at 9:21 and we headed straight to the improv. Though we walked in late and were seated at the back only to not be able to truly hear all the good jokes, it was a taste of my life that I was happy to share with my these wonderful people. 

ImageAfter the show they met all the wonderful improv peeps and we headed to Broadner’s, not the bookstore like I thought a friend had suggested, the bar. My clique ventured to Broadner’s, which V told us is on Karaoke street, later to be understood as Cherokee street and began to enjoy the soft core,90s porn playing on the TV and the woman dressed as Yeti who decided to puke in the middle of the bar. Though this may sound like a terrible place to be, once the Yeti left and FrankenYeti the improv group arrived it was a great evening. 

ImageRatfink, a loving name one would only give to their sister; Little bit, a name only given to a deep voiced, giant of a brother and law; and I, Precious, name given for obvious reasons, woke up in hollywood ready to take on the day. No baby day here kids. 

We traveled the city of LA to see Venice(canals, skateboarders, boardwalk crazies and Abbot Kinney Hipsters) and ventured to see South Central, home of the CALE Haus. We then ventured north to see the city at night at Griffith Observatory and then had an amazing dinner at Osteria Mozza. Needless to say, a well spent Saturday. 

I picked the 2 tourists up Sunday morning to drive to the Bu, known to commoners at Malibu. We had an amazing breakfast at Geoffry’s (pronounced in a fancy french way) and then headed down the Pacific Coast Highway for some mountain goat style rock climbing done by Little Bit and a tour of The Getty Villa.

ImageYes, you will get to come here someday too, because it is where I plan on having my wedding reception (start saving now mom and dad). We ended the day with a trip to Franklin Canyon and some In-N-Out Burger-animal style. 

All and all, it was an amazing weekend enjoying family and touring a city that I am slowly falling for. I hope I could help Ratfink and Little Bit fall too, I mean who needs a tour book when you have me, right? 

As for the rest of you, COME VISIT. I promise to show you a good time! 


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