Rain Hustle and Bustle

This morning when I woke up my first thought was, “oh my gosh, I can hear rain!” and more than just that it’s not coming from a sound machine (which heavy rain on tin roof is my fav, in case you were wondering).
photo 1In this rain, which is SO rare for us, I didn’t have to go to work early thins morning, but the rest of the house was hustlin’ n bustlin’ about getting ready for school. I came out of my room only to see these two chickadees preparing for their walk to school. Like any mama bird would do, I came in to the rescue and offered my services to drive them to school. So I did, in this(pictured) outfit.I know you are thinking what a babe, but not everyone can look this good when they wake up in the morning.
I think my life here as a social worker/housemate in LA is truly preparing me to be the best mama (someday NOT in the near future) a kid could ask for. I mean, they would never get embarrassed of such true beauty, right?


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