Kid Cuddle Strikes Again.

Excited to see my family this past Wednesday I didn’t mind that I needed to leave my house at 3:30am, hop into a vomit smelling uber cab with Rashid my driver and stand in security lines for a bording time of 5:10am.

After hugging Rashid goodbye and him wishing me safe travels, I was greated outside of the airport by TSA to check my name off of a list of travelers for the day(a seemingly time consuming and pointless activity). It was 4:10am and they are worried I, a sleepy faced, social worker, am going to be a security issue..COME ON.

LAX, due to all the security issues they have been facing recently and the fact that Obama was there just the day before, felt it necessary for TSA to check 3 different times that I am who I say I am. I promise, even though I say y’all incessantly that it’s me on that Cali license (much to my mothers dismay).

We boarded the airplane and I found my aisle seat perfectly comfortable and complied to all the rules. I tucked my belongings under the seat in front of me, I powered off all my electronics/ turned on airplane mode, my seat back and tray table were NOT moved from their original upright position specifically so that no flight attendant would bother me and I could try and get in some shut eye.

And then a Roz-like flight attendant, similar to the terrifying Monsters Inc character above, came on the intercom and through the aisles to remind me to oblige by all the rules above. I am also pretty sure, she said she was watching us exactly how Roz is watching Wazowski.

After Roz gave her spiel, it was truly time to fall into the deepest of sleeps and I did. When I woke up due to Roz’s need to tell us something over the intercom, I realized I was drooling on my neighbor(a good looking, USC swimmer/diver-according to his sweatshirt, co-ed). I had been using his shoulder as a pillow and was holding on to his arm as if we were long lost lovers.

Here’s the good news, other than the fact that he was a total cali babe, he woke up too and spoke the only words we spoke the whole entire flight, “It’s fine, it’s not weird.”

We both feel back asleep, clutching each other like romeo and juliet pre”suicide” and didn’t awake again until Roz woke us up with her delightful voice.

All I have to say is, they don’t call me Kid Cuddle for nothing.

I will be taking 3 flights in the upcoming week, so future neighbors, get excited to be cuddled like you’ve never been cuddled before.


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