Waiting Room Knowledge Nuggets (Addendum).

My sister can see the light and has some great thoughts on what we have REALLY learned from the hospital.

The Schawe Experience

Sorry I haven’t been active lately, but it’s busy around here! Head over to KidCuddleDoesCali to read all about the nuggets of wisdom she’s gained this week in the hospital waiting room. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned on my visits over there with my parents too:

1) There are a lot of people who are really REALLY sick. Be grateful for the health that you have.

2) WOW resources, but DAMN, communication. Hospitals are treasure troves of information and can provide so many incredible resources, but dangit if you aren’t going to spend hours or even days getting to the bottom of things. All of which is proof that PAs and nurses are worth their weight in gold, because they usually know the secret right phone number to call or how to get seen by the right person.

3) Medicine is amazing (and advancing so quickly). I…

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