Waiting Room Knowledge Nuggets

ImageI am home for a while so no cali, but I still feel like you can enjoy the tales of my life. In the last week I have spent a lot of hours waiting at the hospital. Don’t worry y’all, I am in one piece and considering all the factors, the Cuddle Clan, in spirit, is still killin it. This hospital time is partially due to my mama’s chemo treatment and partially due to Big Al’s torn meniscus….when it rains it pours. 

I wanted to share with you the top 10 knowledge nuggets  I have learned over the last couple of days in the waiting rooms of 2 different hospitals in the most thriving medical center in the world: 

1) People are VERY agitated in the hospital McDonald’s. DO NOT mess up a complicated order workers, because the little man behind the counter WILL throw is hot McCafe across the counter at you. 

Image2) It is not appropriate to watch scandal on loud in the waiting room, apparently it doesn’t matter how hot Olivia Pope is or how tall her glass of wine is. People will stare at you. 

3) Little old men waiting on their wives to get their hips replaced are the nicest kind of old men. I have met two in the last hour and both practically invited me over to celebrate the Holidays with them. I don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, but if I did, I would tots celebrate with Abasi and his new hipped wife. 

4) Jeans and tennis shoes are the norm for people waiting on their patients to get out of surgery. I know that this is a hospital and you may be grieving, but this attire is ok NO WHERE. 

5) Male nurses (Murses) are creepy. I know this is nothing new, I just wanted to reinforce this concept. 

6) Even extremely sick cancer patients can pop better wheelies in wheel chairs than I can. I didn’t try but I watched and assessed and am sure that I am right on that one. 

7) When a nurse/hospital Chaplin sees a young girl with 59 year old man they are very conscious of not quickly assuming they are related. No I am not his “friend,” I am his daughter. GROSS. 

Image8)If you are grown you can still have stuffed animals in hospitals. This I love and I may bring softy(my stuffed animal that I still have-no shame) next week. 

9) There are a lot of handsome, young, male doctors. All my single lady friends of Houston-try and hurt take care of your parents and get your butts over here and snatch one of these guys up. 

10) When the nurse calls back the Macklemore Family, do not hop up in excitement, they are not taking about the rapper. It would be so embarrassing if you did that…oh wait. I did. 

Those are the top 10 knowledge nuggets of spending time in a hospital. Oh also, the waiting room is conducive to blogging, but not finishing finals…I’ll blame that on the waiting room. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Addie Anderson Winslow says:

    ANNA! such cute pics of your dad and mom!! Sending my love!! Your “new hipped wife” comment made me LOL.

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