Robyn brings people together yall.

2 years ago when I walked into YES Prep Public schools I was judged to be a rich, most likely close-minded, daddy’s little girl by a co worker who, I am not going to lie, scared me shitless with all black attire, model-like height, keds because she was sure to be WAYYYYY cooler than I could ever be. Not to mention the more than 5 year age difference(sorry about ya sista) made her cooler just by pure life experiences.

As we got to know each other we became more than just coworkers, but great friends. My friend, who is mostly known as Hipster Skipper and I, saw and embraced our differences similar to the way sisters do: we stole each others clothing (I still want that dress back), fought over who was right in the teachers lounge public, made fun of each others boyfriends and hated any loser who broke the others heart and the best thing she ever did for me was reintroduce Robyn back into my life. With this shared love of her yeti coat and solid dance moves we would have full on dance sessions and practice the “Call Your Girlfriend” choreography on the stage at our school(yes, that really happened).

With that said, today I started work again back in Cali and all I have to say is woof. The kids are cranky because most of them are coming down from a holiday high(literally) and I am extremely unwilling to share pretty much anything about my life with my coworkers which means a dance break with them seems to be out of the question.

So Hipster Skipper, in memory of you and all our good times, I hope everyone watches this and takes a dance break with a loved one on this 1st Monday back to work. Enjoy!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.00.35 PM**Footnotes: 1. If anyone knows anyone like Taran Killam, or you know him, please give him my number and tell him to call his girlfriend and call it quits. 2. Yes Mama, I realize he looks like a man child in this pic due to his attire, but it’s fine. I still love him.


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