Hacking my Life.

Seeing as we are now over a week into the new year, it’s about time for me to decide on some new years resolutions. As told a good friend yesterday, “let’s be real, mine will start in February,” I realized that this whole new years resolution thing isn’t a strength of mine.
It’s odd though, because I love new beginnings and mixing things up in life. I think it’s just the idea that the gym’s so crowded in January, a reminder that I don’t actually read my bible enough and that actively listening to people can be REALY tiring.
The thing is that even if these things are stressful or tiring, the reason they are typical new years resolutions is they are needed in life. It would be nice if we all woke up thinking, “Damn, I look so skinny today,” or “I’m such a women of god,” or “I am SUCH a good friend/daughter/sister,” but unfortunately that’s not the case.

You may be thinking, what does this tedx talk have to do with new years resolutions? But let’s start here, most of you know that the Ted talk above is right up my alley, I mean it’s a kid talking about the joy of life and even more than that the importance of the “whole child” when it comes to education is like a drug to me. So, when I started to watch this video expecting it to be another kid who shits rainbows, I was really listening to be inspired and inspired I was. *No daddy, I haven’t fully bought into “that hippy shit” and my future children will go to regular school and not wear beanies inside.*

I was inspired to look into Dr. Walsh’s Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) program to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. He is a researcher who is interested in things I am studying right now and claims to be helping mental health profesionals be better. So I started to look at these TLCs and thought my new years resolutions should be based on those, right? I mean I am a therapist and probs need to have some lifestyle changes(even if black beans in every meal sounds healthy, it’s probs not).

So away we go 2014 (9 days late):
Exercise: Train for and finish the 1/2 marathon I’m signed up for in April.
Diet and Nutrition: One day a week I will not eat meat. I have been successful at this so far, thank god I was only in Texas 4 days of this month!
Time in Nature: I couldn’t live in a better place for this. I am commited to visiting the beach or the hills at least one day of each week this year! I am so lucky.
Contribution and Service: Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. I already started and left so furfilled. I dare you to watch that and not volunteer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXVKy2vO9Xg
Relationships: I want to stay in touch with old friends through snail mail and focus on building relationships with people in Cali by following the Fro-yo(replace with adult beverages) rule. The Fro-yo rule was advice I recieved from my older sister before I left for college. “If someone knocks on your door and asks if you want to go get fro yo, do it. The friends you make doing this could last a life time, that test you have to study for/the freshmen 15 will not(we hope).This means if I am invited, I won’t make an excuse, I will go.
Recreation: I will learn how to surf. I have a lesson next thursday! Maybe I’ll even meet a surfer babe and then the relationships section will get even sweeter.
Relaxation and stress management: I will not overload a week with school work and then freakout. I will space my assignments out and tackle them overtime, not overnight.
Religious and spiritual life: I want to say that I would read my bible daily or that I would go through a devotional. But, I proably won’t. I will talk to God. I will pray and I commit to praying while I’m surfing and studying and training for my marathon. I commit to praying for my friends and my family and all the children I work with and serve while volunteering. This will be a year of me and god talking more and me actively listening to his path for me.

Wow, that’s a lot. It was even overwhelming to write, but it’s also really exciting. Surprisingly, this little guy in this Tedx talk encourages us to become a hacker. To challenge and change systems, to make them work differently and to make them work better. He claims that everything is up for being hacked. So I am hacking my lifestyle and maybe by the end of 2014 it will work even better!


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  1. i love it when I forget I said something wise and get reminded of it. cheers to resolutions and making new cali friends!

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