What am I LinkedIn to?

Y’all what the what is Linkedin? I know, I should know, but I just don’t. You would think that having a degree in Advertising and Public relations, working in college counseling and having a sister who is an executive recruiter (a professional stalker), would help me to know what this 21st century site is, but I truly have no clue what I am doing.

Here is what I do know about LinkedIn:

1) My uncles and aunts who are all over 65 know how to use it better than I do and are hitting me up on the reg to connect. You are my family, we are already very connected.

2) Every frat boy I know looks so dignified in their suits in their pictures. I’m so impressed boys, that is not what you looked like every Thursday through Sunday in college at the Aardvark…way to pull it together!

Image3) Endorsing? What am I actually endorsing here by clicking on a button that says “classroom?” If  that means you have been into a classroom than great, I will endorse away. You go teacher friends.

4) A reminder I am from Texas. Every male that popped up to endorse had “leasing” as an option of something to endorse. I don’t really know what it is, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with oil. Oil=texas. Sure, I’ll endorse your ability to do something that I know nothing about.

5) Social workers as rule probs aren’t too involved on LinkedIn because none of the skills I actually have now are endorsable…and no one that could actually endorse me on my abilities as a social worker can’t because of confidentially….geez, so complicated.

So since I clearly don’t know much about the “facebook of the professional world” and am actually going to be looking for a job ASAP, can one of you people out there who, when I asked you to “connect” responded in 2.5 seconds, give me a little tutorial on this thing. I think it’s time for me to legit get LinkedIn.


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