What if Pinterest was real life?

Y’all if Pinterest was real life…

I would wake up daily being inspired to…


I would be a true babe and look like this…in these clothes that I would obvi have the $$ for…Image

and my hair and makeup would look like this when I got out of bed…Image

I would be such a babe that I would meet these 2 hawties…


and then JT would propose with this ring (Sorry Jessica)…


and we would get married and I would wear this dress…


and these would be our besties…


and i would get to eat this…

Image and thisImage

but still be motivated enough to actually do this…


so that my ass could look like this…


JT and I would live here…


I would work here…


we would vacation/spend holidays here….


Where I would have enough time to read these…


And there would always be flowers in the house like theseImage..

Also, we would of course have some adorable versions of these…Image

oh and this guy…


who would some day get old and want to do crafts like these(that would obvi turn out just like this)…


And we would all have awesome halloween costumes likes these…Image

And when life around the house got too boring we could just quickly jet set to one of these places…


Dang, if only Pinterest was real. As for now, this will just have to do…


Good. Back to pinning…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Daddy says:

    There is still a chance that all of these things could happen…..except for one.

    There is nothing you can do to make your ass look like that.

  2. Helen says:

    This is the best post ever. Keep going and you could turn it into a Sophie Kinsella novel

  3. Jess Cook says:

    This post just made my evening! Love it!

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