Love at Right Swipe

You’ve been getting a lot of my opinion lately and not much of my true antics, but this weekend had some events that were too good to not share.



Saturday morning I took the long hall to Santa Monica (about 15 miles but 30 mins in traffic)

to meet with friends at The Bungalow, “the bar that you will be talking about in your 60s telling your kids how great your life was at 25.”

As the Sangria flowed, so did the memory telling of high school seeing that we had a significant amount of GLORIOUS Houstonians with us (3 Redskins there & 3 Strake Crusaders). After watching the sunset from the bar, watching a friend ask a girl to “take a selfie with me, my friend asked me to take a selfie with the sluttiest girl at the bar,” *it didn’t go well, but it was hilarious* and meeting a man who could have been drake by his looks but actually wasn’t, it was time to hit the streets of SM to go get some food.

Our new friend Drake (look alike not  the real thing) dropped us off to close to a great little place called Bodega Wine Bar so we could meet some friends, but we got side tracked by the venue next door called Cross Campus. My obvious(semi drunk) assumption was that it was a cross fit place, soley because Cross was in the title. But after peeking into the windows we discovered it people were working in there, not doing burpees. We waved down a guy, who was trying to get work done and had him let us in. He preceded to tell us that Cross Campus Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.41.19 AMwas a shared work space, to which my response was, so it’s a library or a Starbucks without the Cafe. He didn’t like that very much and said it’s a library for adults, which I again disputed that libraries are in no way just meant for children. To make this short, we asked to touch the receptionist desk that was made of Legos and then went on our merry way. And then the night truly began…

We walked into Bodega and with excitement of seeing our friends I did a little dance move, while scanning the bar to see if there was any one else I knew. Mid shimmy I made I contact with a stranger. He laughed and pointed me out to his friends. I felt as though it was only appropriate to go and tell him that my shimmy was not meant to be directed at him, but I am glad we shared that moment together. We hugged it out and moved on with our lives….or so I thought.

Let’s call him Dusty(because we he introduced himself I thought that’s what he said), continued to look at me and I felt as though I had seen him before but thought nothing of it really. After a few appetizers and some more wine our group of 4 ladies decided to ask their matching 4 men what they were getting into later. I went over as the representative and asked them the usual what are yall doing after this blah blah boring getting to know you questions and that is when it hit me how I knew Dusty. I scurried back to my table, redownloaded Tinder and there he was. The soccer playing, dog loving, south floridian JESSE, age 30, tinder match back from June. Jesse and I had matched during a stroke of boredom removed by judging people on tinder when I was in LA looking for places to live.  Anyway, I told the girls about this and we decided it was time to play a little joke on my tinder love.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.36.14 AM

We all went back over and found a way to tell Dusty, now Jesse’s, friends about our little prank. I was going to pretended to be a palm reader and ask to read his palm. Jesse’s roommate and I pretended to do this to him so that it would look real and the roommate proceeded to tell Jesse I had to read his palms.

I grabbed his hand and began to read (things I already new thanks to tinder), “you are very caring and love animals,” I said, “you have a dog named Gaea.” He then proceded to freak out! because of course, I was right. I continued to tell him that he worked in computer programing and was from Florida. As he successfully began to believe I was some sort of witch, I said, “I feel like these hands have swiped right on the RIGHT girl on Tinder” and then showed him our match from 6 moths ago.

With laughs all around we recounted how amazing it was that we would meet this way! We then proceeded to download tinder at the table for everyone and began swiping left and right in hopes of “love” and sending hilarious messages to strangers. You know your usual, “what animal would you be if you were one?” and “I’m an artist, want to be my muse?” type of thing.

This story doesn’t end the way you may assume, Jesse and I aren’t in love (Tinder doesn’t give you height and little men weird me out), but it is a lesson in approaching strangers. Do it, you never know, you may be a match.


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