Part of Our World

My mother said to me recently, “it’s shocking how such a smart girl really never knows what’s going on in the world around her.” I know you may be shocked, but she is was talking about me.
I am the type of person who get’s passionate about things that matter to me, but am relatively clueless laid back about everything else. For example, meeting famous people. I have met more than one actor/professional athlete and had great conversations with them without realizing they were famous. Another example of this is when my family starts to talk about oil at the dinner table, yes I am from Texas, and I am still(after being told multiple times) unsure where the Marseilles Shale is.
I realized my ability(I say this as though it’s a strength) to be severely unaware back in college and decided that I would make my homepage so that if nothing else I got the biggest headlines of the day. I have seen headlines like Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Rand Paul v. Barak Obama, Shocking Winter Storms and now Michael Sam Breaks Status Quo.
With each headline I read about the first 3 sentences, decide if I care and then click on my regular bookmarks (i.e. Facebook, pinterest, stylemepretty) and go on with my day.
Just like most of the headlines before mentioned, I read about Michael Sam and made up my opinion:wow, thats the most I’ve read about sports in a while, good for him and society is terrible.

I hate having this pesimistic view of the world, I truly am an innately positive person, but have continued to see how social constructions have ruined peoples lives, ie. weight loss issues, gang involvement=high school drop out, sexual orientation issues. I have even seen how Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 8.20.33 PMfellow social workers have judged me and my views soley because I am from a RED state. *note to all fellow social workers: I moved to a blue state for school. And FYI my views are VERY purple.

Social work school has made me take in these larger problems and try and figure out a way to envision multiple solutions both on a large scale and a small one. With that said, I saw this headline, formed my opinion and honestly thought that I wouldn’t hear about it again.

Then society shocked me for the better, I have heard about it again and I am so proud of what I have heard and seen. I have seen the NFL be ridiculed over and over again, had very conservative friends send out information (like this video) so that people are aware of this terrible treatment of a human being and seen all different kinds of people stand up for someone they don’t know.

This restores all my faith in society. We are not all terrible like my initial thought. Just uneducated and misinformed, kinda like I am about other things…some may even say, “not know what’s going on in the world around them.” Clearly, I am no better than others, but we can all try and educate ourselves, right?

Dale Hanson, who before this I was severely unaware he even existed, puts it perfectly when he says “I don’t understand his world, but I do understand that he is part of mine.” We live in a world full of lots of different types of people, black, white, gay, rich, impoverished and straight crazy. We were all created by a God who loves us more than we will ever know, so let’s start to love each other.

Can I get an AMEN?

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

We may not be there yet, but I am celebrating in my head, a mental party if you will, for all my conservative friends and the media understanding that this person who loves men is just that, A PERSON.


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  1. theclutchcity says:

    *Marcellus shale

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