NorCAL Valentines: Ammendment

My sister wrote an amazing recount of the weekend, so I figured, I would just add my thoughts(added in bold) to what she wrote on her blog:

**Also I will include more pics, for those of you, like me who always preferred the picture books.**

As you’ve no doubt seen from our Instagram and Facebook posts, KidCuddle and I skipped out on your traditional schmoopy roses-and-chocolates Valentine’s Day this year, and met up in San Francisco on Friday night.

This trip started as a ”hey, I have wanderlust” gchat that quickly escalated within 2 minutes to “I’ve bought a flight, see you at SFO”. Thank you parents for the desire to travel and to the federal government who let’s me choose to do whatever i want with my loan money. 

That loosey goosey attitude set the tone for our whole weekend – we booked hotel rooms and a mystery Napa tour, but everything else was up to weather and chance.

On Saturday morning, we rented bikes and rode over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. It was exactly as touristy (and hilly!) as it sounds, but it was one of the highlights of our weekend! Beautiful views, concluding with lunch and much-deserved beer in adorable Sausalito.

We hopped on the ferry, which dumped us right near Chinatown, and the largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia. I hated Asia, it was TOO many people. Like woah, get out of here peeps. For serious y’all, this picture includes a smile on my face but this made me sure to never visit Hong-kong and give up on all my half-asian, semi boyfriends. Image It was lively but overwhelming to say the least, so we pedaled on up the biggest hill I’ve ever seen with cars whooshing by.

<< She made me bike that hill. NEVER AGAIN. I may not be good at math but that is close to 90 degrees. Anna was ready to cut me over this hill (truth) – luckily our destination was Grace Cathedral, a beautiful, meditative church with views of the water in three directions. They have this art installation right now – two miles of ribbon meant to carry prayers upward – which made the beautiful stained glass all the more heavenly.

That evening, we visited with two very old friends, who both separately promised they would be in LA in a heartbeat if needed. It’s reassuring to have such nice guys watching over my little sis!

It’s true. I couldn’t be more thankful to have gotten to see these two old friends and the reassurance I ahve knowing that two brother like friends live sooo close. Love you both, A LOT. Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.17.06 AM

Sunday was all about Napa. After being offered jobs at Enterprise for our paper airplane making skills (Sorry, my hangovers sometimes make me more personable, but they LOVED it.), our shockingly uncomfortable Chevy Cruze rental car(we should have asked for a Kia Girl) took us to California wine country. We had booked a full day with Platypus Tours, and Phil (our Episcopalian reverend/rockband singer/winery tour guide) led ten of us through four wineries, including HonigBallentineBenessere, and Hill Wine Company (where our whole tour group tried to pawn me off to the man pouring our wine, who was a former Playboy Mansion bartender. Needless to say, I don’t think I’m his type). 


It was a serious cast of characters, from the pushy midwestern mom to the stinky foreigners, but I would absolutely recommend this tour company to anyone, particularly on a first trip to Napa! Anna and I kept looking at each other, going, “this is SO much fun!”. That’s a success, in my book!

ImageWe wrapped up our trip with lunch at Brix, which sits in its own vegetable garden overlooking vineyards and the mountains. We quizzed our waiter about weddings, since obvs Anna will be getting married at this crazy gorgeous venue! :) But really, dear future husband, I hope you like wine and northern cali, because this is a real thing. Also, it’s a great jumping off point for our yet to be planned honneymoon in Fiji. Also, I hope your rich enough to pay for that. #agirlcandream

All in all, a fabulous trip! With the exception of murderous thoughts on the death hill, we didn’t even fight either, which is fairly miraculous, for sisters.

Hooray for small miracles and sister valentines. Cheers to it all:



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    For KidCuddle’s annotated version of our trip, with photos!

  2. addie says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, i love that y’all did this trip, and anna, your commentary cracked me up.

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