When I think Raccoon Hat… I think…

When I think Raccoon Hat... I think...

No, never. I always think DAVY CROCKETT.

When Usher just popped up on E wearing his Davy swag, I said, “he looks like Davy Crockett!” and Bowinkle didn’t even flinch.

Then I said, “do you even know who that is?” With hesitation, she said, “A country singer!?”

I die, y’all. I mean I know that Texas History to us Texans is more important than a lot of American History and that I may know more about the Alamo than I do about Vietnam, but I think I just thought EVERYONE knew who Davy Crockett was!

With Texas Independence Day happening last weekend and Rodeo Cook-off this weekend, I think I may be missing home a little to much. SO heres to you Mister Crockett and your little raccoon hate too!


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