Shit Girls Say

During a trafficy mess car ride this weekend with 2 of my true faves we began to re-watch some of our favorite youtube videos to pass the time including Lipgloss, Shit Nobody Says and Animal voiceovers.*

Then we watched the above video and I died. I have seen this before, but when you haven’t spent time with your best friends in a long time you kind of forget what it’s like to have a great very pointless convo in very few words and how the female species has a tendency to sound so DUMB (my self included). I think I have said everything in this video in the last week. yikes.

This got me thinking about linguistics and how we talk to babies differently, how people talk to their animals differently (ew.), and how girls even talk differently to each other, so I decided to take note of the

Shit We Say:**

  • “I mean he’s hot…a hot, short guy!” When referring to a large amount of the men in LA. Good news, my betches are all under 5’4. IMG_8406
  • “Wait, what’s Kale?” After noticing it’s existence on every menu in LA. and having already eaten it twice on the trip.Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.55.55 PM
  • “I think hunter green is TOTS my color!” When talking about our faboush shopping spree. IMG_8407
  • “Someone should give that dog some water…”  Referring to all the poor homeless animals in Venice (clearly I didn’t day this). IMG_8435
  • “I mean, I don’t discriminate, I flirt with EVERYONE.” After striking up convos with all strangers, at all times. Y’all, Meet Stan…IMG_8206
  • “Our lives would make a great reality TV show. People would SO watch it.” When reliving our pub crawl experience the next morning. IMG_8227
  • “Are you curling your hair?” “Yea??” “I mean, we are going on a hike right now.” I mean, there are no words. But I guess we did take pictures…IMG_8341
  • “Send it to me, I’m tots going to insta that!” “Ok what should the filter be, Valencia?” “It doesn’t matter, whatever makes us look tan and skinny.” “So, definitely Mayfair” “Wait, what should the caption be?” 10 mins later…”Wait I only have 10 likes! Should I delete it” “yea people are probs annoyed of us.” “Oh wait, it’s just the time change, people are probs working out or eating dinner right now, it will be fine.” The conversation after every picture we took. IMG_8436
  • “I mean your dancing is so sexual…kinda like a black girl-WORK IT!” After some solid late night dance parties.IMG_8304

After realizing this is how we speak to each other we began to make fun of ourselves, which in actuality made it worse, because then we would laugh after EVERYTHING we said. I will say this, writing this down makes me hate us and love us. Sorry, I’m not sorry about the way we talk because lesbiahonest (Amy from pitch perfect reference, again, watch it)… my betches are great.

*Don’t worry mom, I was listening, not watching. My eyes were on the road.
**We are educated women, but sometimes everyone has to let their hair down, am I right?!


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  1. Vollmer, Helen says:

    You are so right!

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