Everyone, meet Anges. She is the youngest daughter in the Despicable Me movies and we have a lot in common. Mostly, that we get really excited and really happy REALLY easily!

The song I’m Happy was written for her character and that just happens to be my favorite song right now(and ringtone-yes I’m stuck in 2003).

IMG_7927Here’s the thing who wouldn’t be happy, with this wonderful, lucky life I’m leading.

This(left) is a screen shot of my instagrams from the past week. This is the instastorm of happiness that ensued over my Spring Break aka SB2k14. Over the past week, 2 of my best friends from home visited me in LA. We celebrated St. Patty’s day with true grace, we shopped, we beached and said good bye until June(that was sad). Then I had a stay cation with Bowinkle and we went to the LACMA and enjoyed our city. Then I ventured off to Chicago to cross off visiting all of the top 4 biggest cities within 2 years from my bucket list(I lived in two of them in 2013, so this is a actually a small feat). Chicago was spent with 3 of my bests from college, mostly eating and drinking our way through the freezing temperatures of that BEAUTIFUL city.

IM SO HAPPY to have friends that when driving, I hope to get a red light just to spend that much more time dancing or talking in the car and friends that when I say, “hey, wanna go on this trip with me?” They book a flight because we know it may be the only time we will get to be in the same city in the next 6 months!
IM SO HAPPY to have the means and the support to be able to take trips and enjoy, learn and experience new places with wonderful people.
IM SO HAPPY that in the next 5 weeks I will run in a race I have been training for, a long time bestie will visit me, my parents will FINALLY get to visit me and I will get to go to an amazing country music festival!

Basically, even if with visits there are always goodbyes, with traveling there are always delays and with moving to California I have and will write multiple 10 page papers; it all is more than worth it, to be SO HAPPY.

**Friends and family, you make this happiness possible on the daily, keep up the good work. LOVE YOU**


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