I hate writing, oh wait.

1900178_2311101946886_903845435_nAs I was sitting at one of my 2 go-to coffee shops trying to knock out at least 5 of the 23 pages of pure grad school genius that are due in the next 72 hours, my ADHD began to take it’s true course.

Between my 15 min bursts of successful thought and regujitation on external validity on studies done on bullying, there were 3o min periods where I was gchatting, listening to the great coffee shop jams on the overhead stereo and evesdropping to the conversations around me.

In my not so wasted time, I found myself reminded that I was in Hollywood.  Looking around and listening to the conversations, I saw most people weren’t diving into attachment disorders and bullying studies (like I was, kinda), they were reading or writing scripts. Almost all of the men were wearing plaid and almost all the women were dripping in thin gold thread necklaces and were rocking booties.

The people to my left were discussing Jack and Cassie, brother and sister characters and where to place the ellipsis on the script so that Jack would know when to pause when discussing their parents divorce. The people two my right, were discussing and laughing over the time they spent writing Entourage.

Discouraged by my boring life, I thought it is time for a bathroom break. I walked into the bathroom and saw this and thought to myself, “I am inspired by these people around me, well played toilet paper dispenser.” IMG_3757Of course, then I considered having a full on mental breakdown about how I shouldn’t be in school, because it’s hard, and I hate writing wah, wah wah.
Don’t worry dad, I figured this one out on my own (I usually call him for help, in those moments). My self-calming tool I used was that these writers who were sitting in the room with me, although were really cool, the probability of anyone reading their screen plays was so low. Someone is going to read my papers, with such scrutiny they will even grade them and also, I don’t hate writing. I am doing it(blogging) to avoid doing it(writing grad school junk). So, in actuality, I love writing. Hence, the envy of the writers.


In one of my undergrad classes, senior year, I had a teacher ask us what are 3 things you need to be happy. Use those to decide your career. This is something my parents would say when we were younger too, “find your passion and do that.” The 3 things I said then are the same things I would say now and that make me sure I am doing the right thing for me.

My 3 things: 

1) Humor: I want to laugh. I want things to not be so serious that everyone hates everything. I want others to find humor in their lives and to find it in my own.

2) Creativity: I need a creative outlet to be successful. Writing, creating programming, taking pictures or painting; it needs to happen.

3) Working with kids: I love the joyous innocence and excitement that kids bring to life. What a great reminder to be excited by the little things? Getting to teach or show a small person something new to them that may me mundane to me reminds me how wonderful life is.

Thank god I had a 30 min break(s) today and had to go to the bathroom to “be inspired” and reminded of my 3 things.

Alright y’all, time for a challenge: What are your 3 things? Are you living out your 3 things out? Can you even think of 3 things you need to be happy? Think about it, I bet you will find them. Maybe not today, maybe not next year-but you’ll find them. Good luck.


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  1. So I just had a realization while reading this… actually this realization has fully surfaced this week after somewhat surviving the chicago-home(vaca)-sickness, but that realization is how much YOU rock and how much I adore our friendship. You have been (and will forever be) one of my nearest and dearest friends, and over the years we have know each other, I am truly blessed by our friendship. Not only because we can laugh uncontrollably together (#1 – humor – check!), but also because your creativity makes me urn for exposing my creative side, too (#2 – check!). Now I may not be a kid, so I’ll leave #3 up to you – but thank you for reminding me of the three things that make me happy! Only wish we were enjoying a cosmo and a blue flirty drink on the 95th floor of the John Handcock building while reading this blog post. TAKE ME BACK! Love you, and THANK YOU for inspiring me each and every day! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are KILLING IT!

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