Ready to quit? No.


This was at around mile 11 during my 1/2. That man is a stranger. But this sign is right on point. So I had to stop for a pic.

My first week working at YES Prep, I made bucket list with my sophomore students(who will be graduating in may…eek). The point of the activity was for them to see all that was ahead of them and the things they can accomplish in their lives. It was emotional for both them and me to see the things they really wanted, (ie. walk across the stage at  graduation, be the first in their family to attend college, not join a gang, learn to swim). The things they had on their list seemed like things that just came to me.

[Insert tears and the beginnings of my dreams of attending social work school]

I didn’t know at the time that these lists would be so purposeful for me either. They asked me to make an honest one too. I still have it and in 2011 these were my goals for by the time they graduated from colleges 2018 (hopefully we have some 5 year kiddos in there so I get an extra year).

Bucket List 2011-1018: 

1.Go back to school and get my masters of social work.  accomplished in 2013, ending in 2015

2. Visit all the 4 largest cities in the US. (this is easy because now I have lived in two of them, and I finally crossed off Chicago 2 weeks ago!) accomplished in 2014 *shout out to by favorite traveling trio! 

3. Be actually fluent in spanish, not just speak it. 

4. Do a triathalon.  accomplished in 2012 *Shout out to keka for doing this with me! 

5. Go on another mission trip. accomplished in 2012 *Shout out the the future Mrs. woodley for getting me involved in Haiti!

6.Run a 1/2 Marathon. accomplished in 2014 *Shout out to Bowinkle for running with me!

7. Keep in touch with people I love via snail mail. ongoing.

8. Buy a ticket to somewhere out of the country with my own money. 

9. Start a non-profit. 

10. Take a cooking class.  accomplished in 2011 *Shout out to Papa Cuddle for being a great father!

New addition:

11. Write a book. 

Here is the thing about this list and what is crossed off, I NEVER thought I could do those things. I still don’t think I can do those things and can’t believe I have.

I ran the 1/2 this weekend and went into it thinking, “Welp-I’ll turn around at the 10k if I’m dying,” but thanks to a friend who hopped in and ran further than she has ever run, I could do it.  I went to Haiti only after raising enough money from all your wonderful people, to buy my plane ticket to go on the mission trip. I had my best friend and family cheering me on at the triathlon and without them, I may have just sat down on the last mile of the run. I am living in Los Angeles to go to a dream school of mine(USC) for something I love, only because I have friends and family ALL over the world supporting me.

Clearly, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for all of you out there pushing me forward (both literally and figuratively). Here’s the thing y’all, like the sign says, “ready to quit?” “No.” because there is lot’s left to do.

Non-profit, here I come. Si se puede!!! (that’s the extent of my spanish so I should probs get on that too!




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