“Since no one like’s you…”

As I read through a friends blog this morning, loving her full embrace of life and her eloquent way of describing her next steps in finding herself and simultaneously finding “the one,” I thought about a conversation I had last night with one of my best guy friends. I called to catch up and hear about his current adventures, talk 1/2 marathon’s, jobs, travel and how expensive the next few months are going to be with all these weddings.

Oh the wedding talk, something we are going into hand and hand, discussing who will be sitting with us at the singles table at the seated dinners, which lead to discussing his middle school game and how it translates to our current lives.

This dear friend, said to me via AIM (for you kids born in the 90s, this was our gchat) in the 7th grade,”Since no one likes you and no one likes me…maybe we should just date?” This brings laughter now, but in my 7th grade developmental stage  (Identity verse Role confusion *that social work degree is getting me somewhere y’all) this brought on the question, “How do I make them like me, when Dad said to never settle?”

The answer: Be some combination of awesome ladies that bring all the boys to my yard (thanks Missy Elliot for coining that term).

So here is the current combo of idols(minus my family members) I am going for that will hopefully create the perfect Kid Cuddle and attract “the one.”

Beyonce/Sasha Fierce.

 I mean “Hello!” her alter ego name has the word Fierce in it. Mine is a Hurricane(Katrina), but it will do. Winning the hearts of the world with her sexy dance moves and truly secret personal life makes everyone come back for more. Not only is this proud Houstonian BEAUTIFUL and private, she is a brilliant business woman and she landed Jay-Z. Not bad.

Carrie BradshawScreen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.35.25 AM

The woman who made being a writer look glamorous in Prada pumps, made “coloring” seem discreet and sexy all as once and reminded us that finding love after lots of mistakes is truly possible. Her deep care for “her people” and for looking truly fabulous at all times is an inspiration.

Sloane CrosleyScreen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.36.43 AM

Don’t know who she is, you do now! She is a writer of creative non-fiction essays that will make you laugh out loud (if you are looking for a great summer read, this is it). She is honest, sarcastic and also a model for Warby Parker (my favorite glasses). Her writing makes me want to continue writing daily, mostly in hopes that someone will read it one day!

Sophia Vergarasophia

Rocking those Colobian curves, while always looking like a lady. This chick is HILARIOUS, while being the desire of most men’s hearts. Sign me up, I want to do that. 

Elaine Benes 



Elaine is hilarious, assertive, has great dance moves (ha), smart and can hang with the guys. Her friends care for her so much and always have her back. Her sass and hate for smokers has been passed on to me through nightly repeats. Thank god for broadcast syndication, otherwise my adult self may not know her so well!

Brene Brown

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.39.10 AM

This famous social worker reminds people daily they were made perfectly, should love wholeheartedly and is continuously educating others while pushing herself to get better. She has a husband who puts up with her crazy and 2 precious children. AND she is a proud Houstonian-wassup tejas!

So, to the question,  “Since no one likes you and no one likes me…why don’t we just date?” Both the 7th grade, insecure Kid Cuddle and the 25 year old, grad-student Kid Cuddle have the same answer, “No.”

Dad was right about never settling and I’m working on being the best combination of these ladies, while throwing in a huge dose of Kid Cuddle originality.

I’m sure, “the one” is out there looking for a solid Kid Cuddle Combo as we speak. See you soon, Mr. Right.


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