Stranger No Danger: Approachability

ap·proach·a·ble [uhproh-chuh-buh-l] adjective

1.capable of being approachedaccessible.
2.(of a person) easy to meet, know, talk with, etc.
Here is the thing about approachability: I would say I am one of the top 5 outright friendly people I know. I don’t mean this is a vain way, I just mean that I really don’t think I am an intimidating person. The reason behind this is that I’m usually running my mouth about loving on children, enjoying queso, rainbows, dos equis, missing texas, unicorns and all other fluffy things. None of the previously stated topics are scary and usually mean that others, even you introverts out there, want to join in on the conversation-mostly because I will do most of the talking.
IMG_8941This talking has led me to have met a lot of friends or at least acquaintances. Strangers talk to me all the time, they ask me for directions in a city I have lived in for less than a year, they ask me about my outfits as if Anna Wintour picked out my clothing and they let their dogs jump on me because I look like someone that wouldn’t care (I do care, oh so much), but I do always talk back to them and maybe even give them my phone number. So, I guess they were right, I am the right person to choose to talk to.
Stranger, no danger is a normal saying in my life. I am not a tug boat, I’m not trying to toot my own hypothetical horn, what I am actually trying to do is explain that approachability is an amazing concept that never fails to surprise me.
For example: I have always hung out with seemingly beautiful girls:

Highschool friends...
Highschool friends…


TCU friends
Saturday night friends
…so you would think that this beauty would bring the people on or at least, that more people would want to hang out with us. This though, my friends, is not the case. I’ve always said, I hang out with girls more beautiful than myself because they were great bait. You reel in Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.58.29 PMthe men, and I will hook them with my wit and humility, I would think to myself. **obviously not the case considering majority of the women above, especially in the 2nd picture are dating the men they will marry and I am single.
But I think in actuality the beauty of all the women above creates one large hover craft that follows closely above  with a bumper sticker that someone got in a gas station on a road trip in Podunk, Texas. See picture.
Anyway, on Saturday night, the four great humans(pictured above) were just hanging out sitting down at a man filled bar and no one was approaching us.We are all good looking enough, smart enough, witty enough and maybe even inappropriate enough to entertain almost all people, so, WHY was no one talking to us?
A man who we met in line (only after I struck up conversation-shocker) did come up to us only to share with us that we were not the kind of girls people came up to because we were sitting together on an elevated (2 steps up) surface.
He had no further explanation as to why were were unapproachable, but his Jimmy Neutron IMG_7574-4hair did seem to make him a boy genius because once we dismounted from our literal high horse (the steps), the approachability levels took off like a rocket.
All sorts of kinds of people wanted to be our friends, Richard the Indian man who spoke so fast we had no idea what he was saying, Victor the line dancing southern frenchmen, some guy who divulged about his history in the foster care system, and I even got a man to take a bite out of a tree leaf because weren’t sure if the tree was real. Seems weird, but it was awesome, people wanted to be our friends.
Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 1.49.17 PM
Why is it that our two steps up and seated nature made us unapproachable? Why is it that we were only attracting the most interesting men in the world?
My theory: that much greatness is overwhelming in general. People don’t just run up to Heidi Klum and say dumb pick up lines, so why would they find it any less intimidating to talk to a slew of good looking women?
A clue for all you boys out there that we actually do want to talk to: Go for it! The odds may not be in your favor, actually the odds are most likely against you, but you could just so happen to meet a new friend, maybe your future spouse and at the very least be a better boss one day.
 May the odds be ever in your favor, y’all!



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