take me out to the ball game

take me out to the ball game

Y’all, I’m officially a Dodgers fan! NO, all you Houston folk, this doesn’t mean the Astro’s don’t have a huge place in my heart, but cheering for a team that is going to win is so much fun! My parents came in town for Easter this weekend and we spent our Sunday in our own version of a house of worship-a baseball stadium. I even have my own favorite Dodger, his name is Carl Crawford and he is not only a great player and good looking (like all baseball players), but he is from Houston!!
On another note I would say that a baseball game is arguably the best place to take a date.
So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should take a date (me) to a baseball game:
1. You get to talk! There are no other sporting events that you get to actually enjoy each others company that much.
2. Alcohol is a must at a baseball game. Who doesn’t want a draft dos equis to cool them down at a ball field? Don’t buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, yuck, but a please take me out to the ball game and get me a little boozy!
3. You get a tan. This is just great in general, because everyone looks better with a tan.
4. Camaraderie. everyone loves having something to cheer for and this inevitably gives you a reason to high five, hug or even smooch it up on the kiss cam!
5. There may be fireworks!! both literally and figuratively

So, even though Mama Cuddle and Papa C were my dates this time, it was a blast! I’m hoping I have lots more baseball games in my future. I’ll also be accepting friend date applications from now until May 15, 2015 (my graduation date). I’ll be posting the application soon.IMG_9117


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  1. Louise Hurlbut says:

    Great pic of the fam fam. Richard too was a Dodger fan when he lived in LA. He still has his hat!

  2. Vollmer, Helen says:

    We’ll be your date to the ball game anytime!

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