When I was your age…



…I drank regular coors, watched VHS’ and ate Zapps Chips…but really. There is something very special about having creative, loving and once-wild-child parents. It creates an environment in which conversations about sex, drugs and alcohol can run free and loving criticism is involved in almost every conversations. Things are said like, “when I was your age and tried ‘shrooms it seemed safer…” (???) and “I loved racing my car down San Vicente when I was younger,” which makes all things I do “wrong” seem like just icing on our wild law breaking family cake.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.54.00 AMI love the idea of imagining myself at a concert dancing around hand-in-hand with a 25 year old mama cuddle and making fun of the quiet (somewhat nerdy) guys we hung out with-boys like Papa C and the type of boy I am sure to marry. What a thought to be able to have a heart to heart with 25 year old  Papa C while whipping around the curves of San Vicente, solving all the problems of the world as only a future global crisis communications guru and social worker could.

But what is better than the thought of being the same age as these two interesting characters is getting to talk to them now. I am a semi-adult(the semi comes from my inability to support myself-thank you grad school) and now more than ever, I get the good stories about what their lives were like at my age. I am encouraged by their mistakes and arguments and friendships that are bound to drift apart and terrified realizing how much hard work they put in to become the awesome humans they are now. Geez, way to set the bar high y’all. Oh yea, I’ll start that company before I’m 35, while getting married and having kids and be a great parent to both my kids. I’ll get on that..

For all you people out there thinking, “Damn, it feels good to be a Cuddle!” Don’t let these posts of how much I love my family fool you, we don’t poop out rainbows, shrooms and giggles all the time. We talk about the nitty gritty too. Like, the tough things about being a parent to a child(me) with more learning disabilities than the little box on an IEP can hold or having 2 kids who are as different as night and day. We argue, because sometimes there are things that yours truly does (getting a tattoo), that the 25 year old Papa C and Mama C would have never dreamed of doing.  But at least we talk about it, right!!?

So, after a weekend trying to talk Mama C into enjoying LA and soaking in all my dad’s quiet wisdom. I leave you with a challenge: Talk to your parents or if you’re a parent, talk to your kids. Ask them their biggest wins and deepest regrets.

Because even if we all hate some of the qualities that were passed down from our parents that we see in ourselves, we have them. No one can teach you how to get over those not-so-great qualities (like being flippant with your words-this is mine, thanks mom) better than someone who has been dealing with that quality for at least 20 more years than you!

It’s amazing the things about yourself you can learn from listening to the people that helped shape who you are! Good luck!

Check it. # 13. BAM: http://www.viralnova.com/regret-when-older/






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